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pricing and models

° I accept cash or Apple cash (electronic transfer). To order, email me here.

° I will deliver to you for free if located in Travis County TX. Yes, really! Full payment is due upon delivery. I do not offer installation, but I can consult on installation locations.

° Simply Wonderful model: No decorative additions, but a mighty fine owl house. $75.

° Barktastic model: Same as the Simply Wonderful model, but I creatively arrange and fasten pieces of live oak tree bark on the outside, each one is unique and start at $85, custom or special ones are more. Note: squirrels can damage or knock off the bark if they really, really want to, but in my experience they are too busy destroying other things. . .

° Custom options, you ask? Well, just ask me. I have added a lot of bark and a wifi connected camera to ours, it's not simple, but possible.

house details

° Crafted primarily with western red cedar and screwed together for strength and durability. Handmade by me, rustic style.

° Each house comes with installation instructions, wood shavings to add inside as nesting material, and screws to mount it to a suitable tree. You are responsible for the installation and care. A treated wood mounting "cleat" is provided to assist in the installation.

° The roof is hinged to open up for access, no tools required.

° Each house is approximately 27" tall, 6-3/4" wide, 7-1/4" deep front to back. Roomy interior for the whole family!

° There are small holes in the bottom for drainage.

° The inside face of the front panel has grooves cut into it to act as a ladder to help the owls scramble up to the opening.

° Screech owl houses seem to be of two varieties - the "big opening / perch" like I make and the "small round opening" type. Both appear to work, but I prefer the larger opening to provide the owls with a perch to view from and sun themselves. Better owl viewing for the humans, too! Both adults and owlets will stand and stretch themselves in the opening. And fyi. . . squirrels can still enter in the round hole versions.

screech owl / installation info

° For information for owls and owl house installation, click here. This info is from our own experiences and the many resources on the web.

° Will you get owls to take up seasonal residence in your owl house? Maybe, hopefully, but it is their choice. Providing a suitable, well located house with food sources and water nearby will help, as will locating as far from other owl houses and predators as possible. For example, if you are lucky enough to have a Great Horned Owl or hawk nest in your yard, is it a LOT less likely screech owls will want to be there. If you do not get owls the first season, there is always another chance next season. Be patient with nature.

owl house photos

° For photos of the two house models I offer, click here.

° For photos of our backyard "treehouse" and owls from last season, click here. You will notice that I chose to "meld" ours to the live oak tree with pieces of bark that came from a dead tree. Time consuming sculpture, but fun!